I have owned this domain name for a number of years. I had planned years ago to set it up and start posting content to this website. The idea was to have a central hub for people to be able to find me.

When I bought this domain name, I had just started posting content to LinkedIn. For the past 18 months or so I have been pretty active on LinkedIn and it has been a central hub for people to find me.

But recently I saw this post from Luke Matthews and it just hit me that I should get off my butt and build my website.

"What would you do if your LinkedIn account was banned today?"

I have the technical ability to do it but it was Luke's post that drove me to move forward.

I saw the opening line from Luke's post and just hit me.

When I read this post I had put some serious thought into this question and gave my reply.

"Interesting about Taylor. I never knew he was banned. I have actually been thinking about what would happen if my account was banned for some reason. I surly need to diversify my social presence. Time to spin up my own website again as a central hub."

So here we are. A new website where I plan to put my content first. It's a central hub for everything that I do and best of all I have complete control over it.

I will still be posting to all my social media accounts, I am just going to start making more of an effort to make my website more of a central hub for everything I do.

Also if you are on LinkedIn give Luke a follow.

Thanks for reading!